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Affordable Pockets

Our Vision

To reduce feeding expenses to the barest minimum and in the process, increase the much needed savings of low income earner's.A platform to enable you feed yourself and community

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Welcome To Affordable Pockets

What We Offer

My Affordable Pockets Network is not just another multi -level-marketing Company but a socio economic platform with the mandate of making living easy for all her members. It a team work platform where people of the diverse status come together to achieve the same goal, vision and purpose, giving everyone a new life.

Our Mission

Good nutrition and food security for all irrespective of socio- economic status, creed or geographical location.

Our Vision

To reduce feeding expenses to the barest minimum and in the process, increase the much needed savings of low income earner's.A platform to enable you feed yourself and community

Why Join Us

Using the multi- level marketing (MLM) platform together we can reduce hunger to the barest minimum. We are also passionate about empowering people and helping them to meet their basic human needs, which is food.

Members Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, hear what our members have to say

Affordable...Affordable.I just don't know what to say.the fact that I have a proof frm CAC alone is enough to make me do dis biznes wit my last 1500 in my ACNT which I actually did.am glad I did,I love the platform,its easy,cheap ,I mean what can 1500 buy dis days.but with this brilliant platform,I and my family get to enjoy food items and provisions at an alarming affordable price. Abeg make una no change o.just remain d awesome way u r.I joined on a Thurs and by sat I was eligible for two acnts food items,almost getting that level 3 package...isn't that awesome

Omosun Lauretta

I enjoyed my package while the next is rolling

Membis Regina

This platform look so simple to be real At first I never believed it, but until I want there to meet the CEO in the office myself and I was given my first level package. Personally I will so market this platform by the grace of God. See you at the top. I suggest if we can add this as our slogan (AP together we can change lives.)

Adegoke Adeniyi Samuel

What a wonderful platform to really eradicate hunger and poverty. Affordable pocket will live forever

Lucy Udeh

Affordable Pockets Rock's... My Name is: Sobomate George, I joined this platform in the month of June, to put food on my table. Indeed l have tested of it's efficacy. I have received my stage one package. Now am heading towards receiving my stage two package under one month. Thanks to Affordable Pockets. Long live Affordable Pockets

Evabelle Sopakirite

Affordable Pocket is indeed affordable and real. Join a moving team and get rewarded immediately. Action speaks louder than voice. Kudos

Precious Awanye

Am so happy I going this business, in fact I never knew that it will become a reality, but now it is thanks to affordable pockets also the CEO of this company more Grace upon you and family. Thank you so much for making the poor Masses feed.

Enobong Udoh

It was funny at first when I had ,but trust me this is the best company it has help feeding easy so far for me and now I can now save some money for other things ,God bless the CEO God bless Affordable Pocket

Olonilua Justice

Waoo!!! I can't believe it that am the one into this when i received my level 1 package can't wait to reach level 5 n above affordable pocket u guys rock it's real ooo awwww!!!

Oluchi Ogbaegbe

My name is Menkiti Chika from Onitsha ,Anambra State Nigeria Indeed affordable pocket is real.I joine it with a fast track fee of 6000naira and is already in level three, It is not expensive like other platforms.I have really benefitted a lot of goodies. Long Live Affordable pocket !!!!Indeed it is a place where everybody is a winner.......

Chika Cordelia Menkiti

Compensation Plan

List of our stages and items to be won

Level 1

  • 1 carton of indomie
  • 1 pack of kellogs corn flakes / golden morn
  • Milk

Level 2

  • 5kg rice
  • 1.5 litre groundnut oil
  • Milo

Level 3

  • 10 kg rice
  • 5 litre groundnut oil
  • 2 packs of maggi
  • 1 pack of salt

Level 4

  • 10 kg rice
  • 5 litre groundnut oil
  • 5 litre palm oil
  • 2 pack maggi
  • 1 pack of salt

Level 5

  • Android Phone
  • Speddy chopper
  • 10kg rice
  • 10kg semovita
  • Milk
  • Milo & Sugar

Level 6

  • 1kva generator
  • 50kg rice
  • 5 litre groundnut oil
  • 5 litre palm oil

Level 7

  • 32" flat screen
  • Refrigerator
  • ₦50,000 Empowerment cash
  • 1 pack of salt

Level 8

  • Washing machine
  • Blender
  • ₦75,000 empowerment cash

Level 9

  • Return ticket to south africa
  • All items in level 4

Level 10

  • Shareholder's Salary of 100,000 cash for 8 months